Sleepy Seaside Piano
Why did you mix sounds of the sea with your music?

I believe the sounds of the sea are the most effective way of helping people relax. Why? We associate these sounds we heard before we were born. Subconsciously, it brings us back to the safe period inside our mothers. By using the sounds of the sea as I have - in perfect balance with the music - it enriches the music and enhances the effect I wished to create, thus relaxing and stimulating the right part of the brain (also known as the the creative half.)

What makes your music more effective than other CDs that promote sleep?

The answer is actually quite simple. First of all, I believe I am a true composer. This may sound strange, but what I am actually saying is, I believe I can create new music - music that contains real feeling, new harmony, melody and appropriate rhythm. That is the key to true musical communication. Listen to the tracks more than once so they will become familiar and comforting.

As soon as the music creates the desired effect, you will become relaxed and forget all about your daily thoughts. My music will take you to places you have never been before. Get inspired and feel what I felt when I created the music. Before you know it, you'll experience a trance-like state that I always compare to a sort of 'wake sleep'. This is the perfect introduction to a good night of sleep.

Before, you told me your music does more than just relax people. Can you explain?

Sure. My music will create a trance-like experience. You will, after a couple of listens, become one with the music. It is at this point that you can almost taste the balance between melody, harmony and suggested rhythm. Your mind begins to involuntarily process the music. I call it "becoming active while being inactive". You are, in fact, “playing” along with the music. Good music invites you to join in, coercing the mind to actively participate. Most importantly, we now have the right side of our brain (the creative side) active - musically at work - and we forget about the left side (the analytical side.) In short, by focusing our energies on the right side, we downplay the negative effects associated with the left side, i.e. the stress of our work day, etc.

By listening to my music before bedtime, you will notice not only a better and deeper sleep, but also a richer sleep. This is achieved because my music works subconsciously throughout the night. It is as if we are listening and interpreting the music while we sleep. This is what I call the “after effect.” When you awaken the next morning, the right side of your brain will be more active than usual. This will noticely improve your day in many ways. Believe me, good music works like magic.

What do you mean by “suggested rhythm?”

The series, Sleepy Seaside Piano, contains no drums - nor any other rhythm instruments - yet it does contain rhythm. By carefully creating the arrangements, one can almost hear and feel the rhythms even though they aren’t there. This is a mind game. We believe we are hearing more than there actually is. This is how our mind works. We fill in the blanks. At this point, our mind is working in a positive way. We are actually making music ourselves - playing along with the music - in our head. Amazing isn't it?

Have you listened to other CDs that promise a good night’s sleep?

Yes I have. When doing so, I was stunned by the low quality and poor compositions of these recordings. The websites often look very promising, until you hear the music. It is such a tragedy what companies put on the market. I think most of them only have one thing in mind - how to make money as quickly as possible. Create some synthesizer music, design a nice cover and trick people into buying the music. This is a pity.

What should people do in order to choose the right music?

The best suggestion I can offer is to visit a web site such as iTunes, where you can sample all of the music they sell. Listening is believing. You can't fool the ear. Choose what you think is the best.